About Us

When you walk into Grayford’s, you might think you’ve walked into a museum rather than a retail store. But rest assured, we are a retail store. We just have a passion for history and from floor to ceiling, Grayford’s reflects a time when products were built to last and planned obsolescence had not yet erupted from our hearts.

We specialize in curating vintage and vintage-inspired goods that offer patrons a glimpse of the past, when culture and craftsmanship was evidenced in every stitch, weave, line, brush stroke, and color palette. In short, every piece tells a story.

For authentic selvedge denim that boasts the cut, craftsmanship, and flair of yesteryear’s workwear, you need look no further than Grayford’s. We offer Tellason and Double RL brands, as well as random vintage Levi 501 finds.

Whether you’re looking for original straight leg, boot cut, slim or narrow cuts, Grayford’s raw denim and vintage selection boast something for everyone. On occasion, you’ll even find rare and hard-to-find mid-century blanket-lined jackets, motorcycle jackets, chore coats, or coveralls.

Our raw denim and vintage goods are not cheap, but like all works of art, they are priceless.

Here, you’ll also find the Merz B. Schwanen brand. These German-made loop-wheel garments are woven on 110-year-old looms in the same styles offered way back in the day. Fabrics range in gauge from light-to-heavy weight and bare no side-seams as they are tubular knit. Merz B production is limited to approximately 24 pieces a day, as only a handful of artisans know how to keep these magnificent looms running. Finally, Merz B garments come in individual garment-boxes with care instructions that have been passed down generation to generation for more than a century. You will not be disappointed.

For the vintage collectors, we offer highly-curated Americana collections, including Collegiate and Collegiate Prep, Workwear, and Military. Many of our pieces are historically significant, like our aviator sweetheart bracelets, destroyer deck jackets, and 13-star peacoat. Other items reflect bygone eras in workwear and motorcycle counter-culture apparel. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we may know a collector that has exactly what you’re looking for.

Finally, our inventory turns over quickly, so stop in often! See you at Grayford’s!