About Grayford's

We are a collective. We are visual artists who see and know the retail world. We see the magnificent beauty in things made by the hands of men and women of yesteryear, back when products were built to last and planned obsolescence had not yet erupted from our hearts.

We are offering our eye to you, so that you too may enjoy the classic and timeless beauty of accessories, clothing, furniture, and decor.

  • Tellason Collection

    Offering an assortment of Tellason premium selvedge and Stock denim jeans, blanket lined and basic denim jackets, flannel and denim shirts, t-shirts, watchman knit caps and more. The best denim is at Grayford's.

  • Vintage Apparel

    At Grayford's we take pride in our selectively curated vintage apparel. From beautifully faded decades-old Levi's to vintage Euro Chore pants and coats, if we wouldn't wear it, we don't think you should either.

  • Vintage Letter Sweaters

    Ivy League schools weren't known for athletic programs. For the rare Ivy League athletes that performed well, a Letter Sweater was awarded. Few exist, even less circa 1950s. Only at Grayford's.

  • Vintage Coats & Jackets

    A beautifully crafted Vintage coat or jacket is a treasure for Grayford's. They aren't plentiful, but they are all special - from leather or canvas to denim or cordoroy - our coats and jackets personify special.

  • Essential Home Goods

    Sharing a cup of coffee or tea with family and friends is a quintessential American tradition. At Grayford's we curate unique mugs and cups from around the world and serve them with pride to you.